Does someone know why i CAN'T resize the Win2000 taskbar ???
Here is the piece of code i'm using :
(Re is a RECT and Siz a POINT)
invoke FindWindow,addr TrayClass,NULL
mov hwndTray,eax

invoke GetWindowRect,eax,addr Re
mov eax,Re.right
mov ebx,Re.left
sub eax,ebx
mov ebx,100
sub eax,ebx
mov Siz.x,eax
mov eax,Re.bottom
mov ebx,Re.top
sub eax,ebx
mov Siz.y,eax

invoke MoveWindow,hwndTray,0,0,Siz.x,Siz.y,TRUE
I did the same test with the SetWindowPos API.....

Any idea and/or blame is welcome :tongue:
Posted on 2001-09-14 03:43:49 by PhoBos