Hello, if i made a dialog with the resource editor from "Visual Studio .NET 7" the "OnClose"-function will not work.
Can someohne help me ?
Perhaps anywhere out there is a bettor one, although i can't beleave.
Posted on 2003-02-15 02:13:56 by Forginforcer
Even a buttonlick dont work.
please help.
Posted on 2003-02-15 03:07:02 by Forginforcer

I get the impression that you do not know much about assembler and this is an assembler forum. If it is assembler that you are interested in writing then let us know what the code is that you are trying to get going, a resource file built in VC.net has to be used by a program that must be written.


Posted on 2003-02-15 03:21:59 by hutch--
Oh, im Sorry !
I thought, that someone would work with resource-dlgs.

When i have to delete my post, where i can get help ?
Posted on 2003-02-15 03:31:30 by Forginforcer
it would be best if you posted your sourcecode or the important piece of it (like your WndProc) to the board so people can point out where the error is.
Posted on 2003-02-15 03:56:06 by Hiroshimator

I have an win32 proc written in MASM32.
The .RC-File i made by my self. - And it works.
But if i make the resource file with VS everything works except buttons and close functions.
Although i defined the buttons right.
Posted on 2003-02-15 06:09:03 by Forginforcer
ah :/

maybe there is something missing for VC to make it, it usually adds a lot of stuff for it to function.
Posted on 2003-02-15 06:34:02 by Hiroshimator

It sounds like the setup on the vc.net resource editor either requires something else like a missing header file or it has other conditions that are not being met.

What I used to do with RC files when I used C++ resource editors was to manually delete out all of the C++ crap at the beginning and end, save it and then test building it with RC.EXE.

drv:\path\rc.exe /v yourRCfile.RC

The RESOURCE.H file in MASM32 handles all of the control styles from memory and things like buttons should not be a problem as they are a very old style of control from the win3.0 days.

Try cleaning out the C++ junk them manually adding at the top, the include line to use the RESOURCE.H file from MASM32.

It may be worth you having a go at the new in memory dialog system in MASM32 version 8. It is an operating system defined method and it saves a lot of messing around with resource editors and resource compilers.


Posted on 2003-02-15 18:31:15 by hutch--