Hi Four-F

I have downloaded your tutorials and there are excellent. Thats for sharing. This is an area i want to focus on a lot in my assembly development.

Thanks a lot great job!!!!:alright:
Posted on 2003-06-17 03:36:32 by shiny
Umm... mrgone, may be i missunderstood you and the problem is not with linking obj but you can't get it working. Right? Under which os you are experimenting?
I'll test your project tomorrow when i reach my w2k box. As for XP, it can be not so easy to figure out why it does not work any more.
If i can solve this i'll post solution here.
Posted on 2003-06-17 07:20:03 by Four-F
I'll try what you said and I downloaded the "Ring0.zip" file. I'm Using W2K professional /NT 5.0 . I just had realized those files where part of kit. I assume you mean NTDDK, correct? I better get it today. lol
Posted on 2003-06-17 11:39:45 by mrgone
I just found your kmdkit. Thanks again :alright: it may not be the last question I have...lol. Are you Russian? Don't recognize that script.
Posted on 2003-06-17 12:04:08 by mrgone
Having a little trouble putting it together from the .h file. Would you happen to have a copy handy?
Posted on 2003-06-18 20:01:16 by mrgone
Great work Four-F!

BTW the wasm.ru site looks interesting too bad that I can't understand it :(
Posted on 2003-06-19 15:32:20 by SamiP
Do you know what happen with reversing.net?
reversing.net/mamaich doesn't works for me

Posted on 2003-06-19 15:47:25 by lingo12
lingo12: Mail or pm me. May be i'll provide you with some further info.


It's a part of KmdKit since v1.2. So download update.
Posted on 2003-06-20 05:05:21 by Four-F
Thank you!
I can wait

Posted on 2003-06-20 06:47:58 by lingo12
Thanx Four-F for making KmdKit available. It's the best thing since sliced bread!
Posted on 2003-06-20 17:34:13 by Poimander