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Posted on 2003-02-17 18:50:13 by Hiroshimator
hi Hiro, how are you? sorry if i'm leaving you lonely in this project and made you bored with stuff. is it true that's why you stop to arrange new one again, still... well, besides i'm really tired... but i would do in my spare time ;)
Posted on 2003-02-28 09:12:19 by dion

no I just have lots of things to do here :/

I'm sorry I haven't put up any new files yet. I'll try to make some this week-end.

Thank you very much for your efforts already dion :)
Posted on 2003-02-28 09:18:30 by Hiroshimator
Posted on 2003-02-28 09:20:42 by Hiroshimator