i want to format a disk in floppy ,after it should create a bootable disk with the bootsector of first hd.
thats if a tool destroy again my boot table so i can rescue my hd by booting from this floppy disk.

any help ?

Posted on 2003-02-18 21:52:43 by xanthos
that's really off (COM means not the small EXE thing, but Component Object Model) topic, but ...

just use "fdisk /MBR" e.g. from a Win98 bootdisk, this will restore the original Windows bootblock.
Posted on 2003-02-19 05:05:45 by beaster
if a virus move the boottable fdisk/mbr is today not a good idea....
i better use something like this:

TITLE "BootThru.Asm" v1.1
; written on Fri 02-11-1994 by Ed Beroset
; released to the public domain by the author
; copies the MBR from the hard drive indicated by TARGETDRIVE, modifies it
; for boot from floppy, and copies to boot record of floppy. This is SAMPLE
; CODE only, and not meant as a fully developed utility. As written, this
; should boot the first hard drive from A:

TARGETDRIVE equ 0 ; hard drive (0, 1, ...)

cseg segment
assume cs:cseg
org 100h ; .COM format

mov dx,80h + TARGETDRIVE ; read MBR of target drive
mov cx,1h ; it's always the first sector
mov bx, OFFSET buffer ; point to our buffer
mov ax, 0201h ; read one sector
int 13h
mov cx,4h ; read up to four entries
mov si, OFFSET buffer + 1BEh; scan our partition table
test byte ptr,80h ; load it up
jz skip_it ; if it's not bootable, skip it
add byte ptr,TARGETDRIVE; add target drive
add si,10h ; v1.1 bugfix
loop find_bootable
xor dx,dx ; zero dx (drive A: head 0)
mov cx,1h ; first sector (v1.1 clarity fix)
mov ax,0301h ; bx still points to buffer
int 13h ; write to floppy in A:

mov ax, 4C00h ; Exit to DOS.
int 21h

buffer db 0 ;Dynamic buffer, 512 bytes.

cseg ends
end Start
Posted on 2003-02-21 01:17:47 by xanthos
if a virus move the boottable fdisk/mbr is today not a good idea
why not?
indeed, a self-made asm source looks much better ;)
Posted on 2003-02-21 03:11:29 by beaster