does anyone have a source code on displaying a logarithmic graph, like a log-log or semi-log graph? i've been searching the web for weeks, but to no avail :confused:

please help! tnx!
Posted on 2003-02-18 22:09:13 by flotsam
I have to "assume" that you can display a regular graph but you don't know how to calculate a logarithm.

The MASMv8 now comes with a library of FPU functions, some of them dealing with common and napierian logs. You may either use that library (if you can) or study the source code of the related functions to adapt what you need.

Posted on 2003-02-19 10:07:05 by Raymond
tnx for the fast reply!

i'm just wondering if the values of Y that i need to plot would be the antilog value.
i've seen the library and been using it. hopefully i'll nail it and share my code ;)

tnx again!
Posted on 2003-02-19 14:16:35 by flotsam
If you need the Y axis to be a log scale, you need the log of the Y value for plotting. (The same would apply to the X axis.)

Posted on 2003-02-19 20:36:38 by Raymond