Hello all coderZ!

I want to know what is the difference between using a resource made dialog box for a main window and a programmed totally in asm one, and the difference between a one created by CreateDialogParam/WndProc and one created DialogBoxParam/DlgProc method.
I'm studying the Iczelion tutorials and I know that CreateDialogParam is no-modal and DialogBoxParam is modal and the difference of some things like the TAB key management by Windows and so on.
But, my question point to know what is the difference in terms of funcionality, pros, cons and other importants things.
I'm barely know the difference of speed and mem, but I think (as far I can know) there is no big differences.
What is the "de facto" method? What is normally used by Windows and common programs?
The DialogBoxParam looks (at a glance) nice, simple and usefull, but in Windows the terms "nice, simple and usefull" becomes in "headhaches, nightmares and wrongway" ;)

BTW, I found that in the sample code number 11 of Iczelion tutorial the "Exit" in the menu dosen't work and I dont know why...

Thanx for all!!
Posted on 2001-09-15 19:36:52 by NightShade
There are numerous pros and cons, here are just three.

A) If you use resource Dialogs then you allow people to select fonts etc for it. Windows will resize it for you and this has the advantage that it allows people to use schemes, such as the high contrast one for those hard of sight.
As you may read in another post here, this also has disadvangates in that you lose some control.

B) If you use resoure then the GUI is vunerable to resource hackers, with code this will not be the case. In my opinion however if someone wants to rearrange your dialogs on their pc through a resource hacker, well, whats the big deal.

C) Code wise resource dialogs look alot cleaner.

BTW if your wondering I'd go for resource dialogs in most cases. And I'd say the Microsoft approved way is dialogs for apps such as the calculator.

Regarding the tut 11 problem, I remeber encountering this before, but now it isn't there. Perhaps the service packs fixed it. Anyway as far as I remember it was minor, something ike a control id wrong. Not sure though
Posted on 2001-09-15 19:50:54 by Eóin