Well please if anybody could help me.

Basically I'm writing this IDS as I posted in recruitement .
Beening searching for docs on writing my own database for digital signatures.
I not that experience in asm but I that I'll tackle this project of writing a IDS :(
but been banging my head the last 32hours trying to figure it out. How to write a routine that would read each prog bytes, file size, and time stamp then encrypt it into a digital sig. that would be stored online and offline. Basically trying to implent a generic host-based IDS as a asm challenge for myself. I went and got Applied Cryto etc...(the book) to understand how it works now having trouble of how to implent it or am I going about it in the wrong way. Maybe it should store the digi sig in a separte directory to compare later. It should at least compare the bytes of files on sys if there have been even a little change to any byte within the file it will know.

the SDK's help alot in reading and my studies. but still :confused:
Posted on 2003-02-20 13:21:32 by Tweak