HI all!

i have a program! i know just a few about win32 asm!

know i have a question:

i need the path of the current opend file!

i mean, like "app.path+app.name+".exe" in visual basic!

can anybody helps me???

thanks alot!

Posted on 2003-02-21 11:09:39 by hellsbells
Try this

szBuffer db 512 dup (?)

invoke GetModuleFileName,NULL,offset szBuffer,sizeof szBuffer
invoke MessageBox,hWin,offset szBuffer,offset szBuffer, MB_OK
Posted on 2003-02-21 11:22:06 by Delight

ok, i'm going to try in the next minutes!

much thanks!

Posted on 2003-02-22 10:32:11 by hellsbells