Is there an easy method (an API maybe), to convert TimeDateStamp format to date (DD/MM/YY hh:mm:ss) ? I can't find any reference.

I know one can write a proc to make it, but when you look at .map files produced assembling an asm file, the stamp is reported even as simple date format, so I think this task is already implemented somewhere.
(Maybe the ctime C function is the answer)

Thanx, Saiwa:confused:
Posted on 2001-09-16 04:54:54 by Saiwa
I afraid there is no single API function for this job.
Maybe you try to calc the seconds into a SYSTEMTIME
struc and pipe it through GetDateFormat.

Other way is to grab the ctime source from an opensource
sourcecode (f.e. linux) and to reengeneer it to asm.
(Or just link it in :cool: )
Posted on 2001-09-17 04:16:14 by beaster
It might be a little bit of overkill, but the
DatTimePicker32 control offers rather extensive
formatting capabilities.

For instance:
DateFormat db "hh':'mm' 'tt' 'ddd' 'dd' 'MMMM' 'yyyy", 0 ;Format for Time/Date in DateTimePicker

06:19 PM Mon 17 September 2001

Time can be displayed in the same way

It took me a while to figure it out, but is quite
handy. It can show up as just another control on
a dialog or window.

If you are just trying to format the date and time
this may be too much or might be another way of
doing what you were trying to do to start with.
What exactly were you doing with this date?
Input, or just display?

I'll help if I can.

Posted on 2001-09-17 18:20:16 by farrier