undo in dialog editor;
more group operations in dialog editor (and rectangle select);

add messages in "masmMessage.api" (like NM_DBLCLK and etc. - yes, i is lazy :) );

definition with "equ" must be in section "macros" in properties window;
definition in ".const" must be in section ".const" in properties window (coincidence :) );
add section ".data?" in properties window;

support for masm32 sub-procedures:
a1 proc
a2 proc
a2 endp
a1 endp
now they incorrect expand/collapse (i use them for restriction of local names);

thank you and sorry for my english.
Posted on 2003-02-22 12:59:28 by napa3um
Hi napa3um

1. undo in dialog editor
There is undo on deleted controls. Something more is too much work.

2. Rectangle select.

3. The choises of names in the properties combo is not good. Suggestions welcome.

4. Sorry, no nesting of procs.

Don't worry your english is good enough.

Posted on 2003-02-23 06:28:10 by KetilO