it's me again now i'am making owner draw menu library
if someone know's something about it post here
There is scrennshot(the result that i want to make) :
Posted on 2003-02-23 01:44:25 by Hurtado
Looks to me like you'll have to do a lot of owner drawing, since the icon isn't inverted. IIRC there are a few menu examples on the board (at least ad modum XP), try the search button.
Posted on 2003-02-23 03:46:52 by scientica

it's me again now i'am making owner draw menu library

Uhh.. I wonder what you guys make all the time yourself (using code written by others of course)... :/
Posted on 2003-02-23 04:02:00 by bazik
I just need to understand how to subclass menu...
Posted on 2003-02-23 05:09:58 by Hurtado
You definitely need to think about owner drawn menus, not sub-classing. It was done by Xtreme (i think) about 2 years ago.

Anywho, its a fully working source to your above example (and nicer highlighting as well ;) )
Posted on 2003-02-23 22:27:21 by NaN
yeah thank's!!!!!
That's EXACTLY what i needed!!!!!!!
I'am so glad!!!!!
you are the best(sorry about my emotions...)
Posted on 2003-02-24 02:03:09 by Hurtado
NaN,i got one question for you
How to get the Text from dialog menu item?
in popup menu item, created by AppendMenu it is Item data, but in dialog menu it isn't
p.s. if create dialog menu with apendmenu functions the code will be BIG, so i need some little code realisation
Posted on 2003-02-24 06:58:07 by Hurtado
AFAIK there is not simple way when using dialog boxes. My suggestion is to may your own dialog's by making custom windows, and registering them.

Best of luck..
Posted on 2003-03-01 22:53:20 by NaN
After a moments more thought, your best approach is to make your own custom control. This will encapsulate the work needed (programming wize) into one exercise. After that all your window's that you want a menu on, use your custom control, register your memu items/pictures, and go.

THis will still be alot of work, but the benifit is to have it ready for use in any other future project.
Posted on 2003-03-01 22:56:42 by NaN