What is the significance of EXITM <eax>

When i return from a macro the value is always in eax anyways.

I dont understand a lot of syntax i guess.

Thanx for any clues.
Posted on 2001-09-16 12:01:03 by titan
If your getting this question from studying my RAND32() macro, the EXITM <eax> definitely has a purpose.

While your right, the return IS in eax, but with out this statement, we wouldnt be able to use the macro as an in-line macro:

mov cRandom, RAND32( 10 ) ; place random # in cRandom

The EXITM replaces the "RAND32( 10 )" with the string "eax". So once the macro has been stanped into your code, the last thing it does, is replace rand32() such that the complied code will look like this:

( Macro code stamped into your program, here)
( eax == Rand# )
mov cRandom, eax ; <<--- RAND32() was replaced by "eax"

Hope this Helps...
Posted on 2001-09-16 12:32:22 by NaN
thanx nan

I learn something new everyday.

Posted on 2001-09-16 13:22:17 by titan