Im looking for source on how to do mouse over buttons, masm format. Im little new to asm and cant get this figured out. I tried the one off of this site but it just has way to much in it for me to figure it out. If someone can help me out that would be awesome. Maybe something with one button for example so i know whats goes in and dont. Mainly i am useing 2 bitmaps so it switches from one to the other when mouse is over the button. Thanks for any help appericiate it :-)
Posted on 2003-02-25 15:59:09 by JustMe
the best way is to make your own mousy over button window class thingy

then you can use it in the same way as a normal button (invoke etc) and all the mousy over code is contained in your new windows windowproc
Posted on 2003-02-27 04:36:45 by Terab
Posted on 2003-02-27 04:39:50 by bazik
Thanks for all your help, really appericiate it :-)
Posted on 2003-02-27 14:57:59 by JustMe