I have Quickeditor ver 3.0b downloaded from MASM32V8.
Is that the latest version with all fixes????
If not, how would I download any new version with out messing up
the rest of MASM32????

I am having some small problems with Quickeditor and am not sure
if it's Quickedit or a virus or the settings. I did not change any
Quickeditor settings.
Posted on 2003-02-26 15:58:53 by shankle
Is your small problem similar to the one I described in a previous post?

Posted on 2003-02-26 22:25:34 by Raymond
There seems to be 2 problems.

When writing lots of code the cursor stops blinking at the
spot I am working at and I have to reposition it.
Sometimes this causes code to go where I didn't intend it to go.

When going into Dos the cursor sometimes does not appear
after the c: prompt.

Posted on 2003-02-27 06:35:06 by shankle
Its a bit difficult for me to do much as I am in Tasmania at the moment but when I was doing the testing on QE before I released it, I successfully loaded 50 meg files into it to test the integrity of the rich edit control and while it was very slow over about 15 - 20 meg, and laggy when it was fully loaded, it worked correctly so I don't know what is going on there.

To install the latest version that has a few fixes done in it, just download it from my site and unzip it in a seperate directory. Copy the file QEDITOR.EXE directly over the one in MASM32 and it will work fine.


I would make sure your machine does not have any virus or worm in it before I did much more as nothing will work well if it does have any of those types of problems.

This much I know, if you are using win2k, you are actually getting a different version of the rich edit control which appears to act in compatibility mode for code written for richedit version 1.

I will see what I can do when I get back to Sydney although I doubt that much can be done if the problems are OS based.


Posted on 2003-02-27 06:55:40 by hutch--