Hey all...

Since everyone has been helpful thus far in trying to get me in the loop on these things, I thought I'd pose another question to all of you. Can I relatively easily create assembler programs that can be compiled in both ELF formats (for Linux machines) and PE COFF for Windows boxes? Are there any resources out there which outline the differences between the two from an assembler level, and how to work around them?

Thanks everyone for their help thus far.

Posted on 2003-02-27 22:45:32 by coogle

sorry i'm not posting more, but it takes a long time for my browser to render each page on this P133 :(
Posted on 2003-02-27 22:51:50 by jademtech
You can create easily COFF object files with Fasm.Have a look at the COFF example
of Privalov.
Posted on 2003-02-28 07:42:21 by Vortex