Hi, the topic say all.
I want to put a dll in exe, so i can service a one exe.

Posted on 2003-03-02 03:49:48 by Forginforcer
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Posted on 2003-03-02 04:34:08 by bazik
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Posted on 2003-03-03 11:21:43 by Forginforcer
That's not such a common thing to do, so I really don't think anyone has written a tute about it.
First you'd have to add all the data/code sections from the DLL to the exe, and then merge the import tables. Also, you'd have to apply relocations properly to the sections you copied from the DLL.
To allow the exe to find the functions inside the DLL, you'd have to change the DLL name in the import table to the filename of the exe. Of course, this has the disadvantage that you can't rename the exe.
To do all this, you'd have to know the PE (exe) file format inside out. Iczilion has a nice tutorial to get you started.
Posted on 2003-03-03 12:39:45 by Qweerdy
You can check also the thread "packaging a dll" This is an easier method.

Posted on 2003-03-03 12:53:25 by Vortex
Yes Vortex, that's easier. It's also ugly as hell, IMHO. But perhaps it's sufficient for his purpose.

Red Forginforcer, perhaps you should explain what you need this for? It generally helps people answer you.
Posted on 2003-03-03 13:04:34 by Qweerdy
Thank you ! You are very nice !
I will test it now !

Can some tell me, why i dont get a emailnotification ervery time ?
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