hi all
i am looking for a good visual resource designer which can produce the include file directly in asm(equ) format rather than #define format. any help.

resource workshop 4.5 doesnt seem to be compatible with some resources built in bc5.0.
Posted on 2003-03-02 10:16:01 by madhur_ahuja
I personally use Microsoft Visual Studio 6. It's a pretty good editor, and all you have to do is cut out the microsoft vc crap at the start, when your done.

Now when I do modifications I just make a backup of my resource file, make the changes to one copy, then manually make the changes in the other file.

I often read about some editors some people have made here which make the process easier, but I've never had time to checkem out. That's something you might want to search for on the board.

As for making it directly in asm, I'm not sure that would be too helpful/or if it is even supported. Resource compilers have adopted the C style because they are most likely written in C. However, I'm sure it would make it easier if those defines where in equate format already so you wounldn't have to adjust them when you place them in your const section.

Posted on 2003-03-02 14:26:14 by JamesE
Great news. Ewayne's resource editor does exactly what you want. His website is


Look for ResEdit
Posted on 2003-03-09 18:31:36 by Odyssey