Maybe this belongs in the heap, dunno. It is asm related so I am posting here.

Anyway, few years back I created IE Zone Editor in VB (view my page for more info) and have not liked the way VB progressed now to .NOT so I took up Assembly. I really love it now and don't know why I have not used it earlier in life. IE Zone Editor came about from some questions on the GRC news groups (not sure if they are still around since I flown that coup when steve became an ass). Well I frequent the NG's over at and an old buddy asked what happend to IEZE, well that is when I started a port from VB to Assembly.

I would like to introduce you to IE Zone Editor:
You need Internet Explorer 5.x +
With this version you can:
Edit the default Security zones (including the hidden "My Computer" zone) by:
Changing the name/description
Changing the flags
Change the current/recommened/minimum security levels
Adust individual security settings for each zone.

Read the version.txt for more info

Side note. There is a bug in IE6.x that has been around since it was pre-beta where it does not play nice with custom zones (it does not show the correct icon/name/description)

Let me know what you think...
Posted on 2003-03-02 23:20:12 by Gunner
Same here, I use VB6 for development and don't like VB.NET, the ability to easily convert syntax from software created in VB to Assembler language for overall performance & extensibility is what I'm lookin for, but without good syntax comparison's, and an IDE that's widget based, it is taking alot of thought.

Right now I'm starting over in Assembler and my method of development is to build programs in VB as a fast working draft as the widget based IDE speeds up development, then convert everything into Win32 API based syntax for easier programming of MASM.
Posted on 2003-03-02 23:48:57 by Knight Chat X