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BADGER, NFLD. - A state of emergency remains in effect for the town of Badger, Nfld. Flood waters are continuing to rise, leaving houses partly submerged under more than a metre of water and ice.

Badger's 1,200 residents were evacuated Saturday when an ice jam caused three rivers to flood their banks. Now many residents are trying to salvage what they can. The ice is everywhere in Badger but not all of it is frozen solid. The Exploits River now runs down the main street.

Badger resident Terry Wilson is helping his neighbours cut what they can from the millions of tonnes of ice that have jammed the town's streets. "What we're doing now," he says, "is going out to get what we can get."

Terry's wife Edith remembers Saturday morning when she was in her pajamas, trying to start her car to escape the flooding water.

"Terry said, 'Shut it off, shut it off, get in the house.' And we ran because it was coming in the house that fast. And we made a dash for the house and it just poured right into the door."

Now the house is frozen in the ice that reaches to the top of a 1.5-metre fence. The ice also reaches the side-mirrors of the family minivan.

Edith Wilson says she's thankful her neighbours are only carving snowmobiles out of the ice "instead of bodies."

Shelters have been set up for the families who had to leave their homes. But with the water still rising, it may be weeks, maybe even months, before they can return home to repair the damage.

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Posted on 2003-03-10 18:55:28 by gorshing
No winter where I live :)
Posted on 2003-03-10 19:19:50 by Odyssey
The temperature here has averaged -20 c for the past six weeks.

I curse winter.

Of course if this summer is anything like last summer it will be 105 F for a least a month.

Thank god my brother sent up an air conditioner.
Posted on 2003-03-10 20:19:08 by IwasTitan