got a problem accessing functions with OLE (*.tlb) files from Win32 Assembly, anyone knows how?

any tools that i can use to browse to the functions available to a certain Library File and their memory addresses? tnx, i need it urgently, in advance


Posted on 2001-09-19 04:52:16 by smoke
cannot really follow your question, please explain something more...

are you an asm program and want to access ole functions from
foreign libs?

or are you a (c++) ole program and want to access asm functions
from a asm file (dll)?

what about .tlb files, this are only browser information for
programming environments? you need at least an ocx or dll file.
Posted on 2001-09-19 11:33:25 by beaster
A .tlb file normally is a type library, that is a "compiled" .idl or .odl file.

You can access the information in a type library file with function LoadTypeLib, but you should have some knowledge of COM/OLE and possibly the ITypeLib/ITypeInfo interface definitions.

Posted on 2001-09-19 12:15:04 by japheth

I got a recent project that runs on Terminal System, that means I need to access Library Functions that comes with the Terminal; but when i browse the CDROM, i found no shared DLLs or OCX files;

I am a C++ Programmer and all i got is a TLB files; maybe anyone here have links on how can i make use of these TLB files or Do I Really have to work manually with SDKs

Posted on 2001-09-19 20:56:28 by Smoke
use OLEVIEW (free from MS) to look into a type library (menu File/View TypeLib). You can use this tool to generate appropriate header files.


Posted on 2001-09-20 11:26:01 by japheth
There's a tool posted on the old ASM message board called something like tlib2inc (type library to include). It does a very decent job of translations.

It's in the COM section (of course).
Posted on 2001-09-20 21:18:21 by Ernie