I am trying to use the 32-bit DOS extender Wdosx on my Win XP,
but I get an exception error:

Hi, I'm exception 000D at 019F:00000DB1 !
EAX=00000040 EBX=00008000 ECX=00000010 EDX=FFFF0000
ESI=00003000 EDI=FFFF0000 EBP=029E0000 ESP=00075FAA
EFLAGS=00013202 ERRORCODE=00000000 (may be rubbish)
SS=01BF DS=01B7 ES=01BF FS=0000 GS=0000

I faced this problem with the other protected mode applications.
How is it possible to run these type of programs on XP?


Posted on 2003-03-12 03:12:48 by Vortex