Is it possible to use Quick Editor from masm32v7 with masm32v8??
I am running Window 98 2nd ed.
This would be a good way to test if my problems with Quick editor are
due to my machine or something else.

I think I could just rename the Quick Editor from masm32v8 and bring over
the Quick Editor from Masm32v7. If that is OK I will try it.
Posted on 2003-03-12 08:11:00 by shankle
if i am not wrong then u can do whatever you want to when compiling asm-files..
i assume you dont need to ask for renaming file?s man.. test it and try..
but why use masmV7 Qeditor?
i like version 3 (thats the one included in masmV8 package)of QE most of them all.. mostly for the script thing..
Posted on 2003-03-12 19:08:04 by Rygar

If you can, explain to me what the problems you are having with QE version 3.0 are. I spent a reasonable amount of time writing this one and with the help of different people, caught a number of bugs that I missed so it really is a better and more flexible version.

I regularly use it on win98se myself and it has no problems that I can find myself and I have been using it since it was written for my own coding.

Posted on 2003-03-13 01:06:53 by hutch--
Sorry to cause problems as I appreciate the work you have done.
I don't think it is my machine. I am running EZAntivirus and I keep it
up to date.

Generally I think it is a "Cursor" problem. I will try to explain but I am sure
I will fall short.

1. Cursor won't stay where I put it. Or it disappears.
2. When going into command prompt(the black square), sometimes you
have to click after c:\masm32 to get the cursor to appear.
3. Sometimes when the cursor has been sitting blinking for a short time
it will disappear.
4. Sometimes when coding a program you have the cursor sitting at a
specific spot and you start typing in the code, then look at the screen and
nothing has happened and the cursor has disappeared. At that point
you don't know if what you typed is someplace it is not supposed to be.
5. Sometimes hitting the "Page Down key" nothing happens. Have to use
the scroll bar to page down.
6 Sometimes to reposition the cursor you have to click twice.

Not sure that's all of it but hopefully it will give you a starting point.
Posted on 2003-03-13 09:56:02 by shankle

This does sound like a very unusual effect, QE does not touch the default cusor in any window or control so I think something else is coming into play here.

While you are not connected to the net, would you try running the program and editing some text with the AV software turned off to see if that effects it. Most AV software that does continuous scanning must run a device driver at ring0 and this may be causing the effect you are getting.

It sounds like something keeps taking the focus from the current window.

Posted on 2003-03-13 15:57:27 by hutch--
Thanks for the reply.
Yes the EZAntivirus was causing the problem. Problem fixed and
another created.
If I work with the AV turned off and any of the examples in masm32v8 contain
a virus i'm dead.....
Haven't figured that out yet..

Thanks again,
Posted on 2003-03-13 19:11:32 by shankle

Thanks for tracking that down, its useful to know a few unusual effects that I have not seen myself.

You are safe with the distribution files in MASM32V8 as it is built on a fully isolated machine that is not connected to the internet at all. Some AV scanners drop false positives on different files, basically as a consequence of defective heuristic scanning algorithms.

MOB's NOIMPORT example when assembled is caught by some, others get the DLLs in the plugin dir that are built with my own PB compiler and I know for sure there are no problems with either file.

In the longer term I would be inclined to look at NOD32 or AVP as both have no problems with any of the MASM32 files and they are about the best performers around.

Just make sure you still use your AV scanner when you are connected to the internet or if you download something as a binary file.

Posted on 2003-03-14 05:08:37 by hutch--