KNOW WE CAN MAKE BIN -> EXE !!! with no use of a LINKER

just go to NAGOA.EXE menu and Project -> Build Settings -> compil and make it BIN tested on windows me.

the exe is very litle!

only 1,5 kbytes its a window with a WM_PAINT message .

upgrade here:


THANKS nuMIT_or ! for this PEMAC.INC Great Macros !!

Thanks hgb too for Great Macros !!!
Posted on 2003-03-12 18:05:59 by Nguga

An executable sized 1536 bytes. I didn't check but I think the code and the data are sharing the
same section.

Thanks for the news about Nasm!:alright:


Posted on 2003-03-13 04:16:29 by Vortex