Hi, I just got a Sega CD from my dads workplace he owns a clothing business and every so often random pieces of nice hardware comes up. Anyway I was curious to find the driving forces behind the Sega CD as I hear it was quite powerful for its time. But Many of the chips in there have been relabeled by Sega. I was just wondering if anyone can help me identify the chips.

For those who are curious these are the chips I have found.

HD68HC000CP12 -12Mhz Motorola 68K (Sega and Capcom seem to like this processor for their 2D games)
Sanyo LC89515 -No idea what this thing does
Toshiba TC511664BZ-80 -No idea
2x Hitachi 65256BLFP-10T- Possibly the 68K's RAM?

Here are the chips that I couldnt identify:
SEGA 315-5467A- I read some sites and I believe that this is the 8 channel PCM music synthesizer
SEGA 315-5548- MAN THIS CHIP IS HUGE (I suspect it is the Video Display Processor), 208 pins to be exact

Anyways do you guys know a way to salvage any of the parts on this board? I would like to have them :)

LOL! I remember when I took my Gameboy apart and found a relabled Z-80 called "DMG-CPU".

Anyway can you help me identify the parts if possible? And your thoughts? Anything relative to this is welcome.
Posted on 2003-03-12 21:26:48 by x86asm
Oh ya my Soldering Iron sucks real bad. Its very old, I may need to purchase one for myself.
Posted on 2003-03-12 21:28:06 by x86asm
Note: This is a very toxic and dangerous proceedure, and will destroy some of the components on the circuit board. I have done this a couple of times for very large circuit boards with many components. If you start the house on fire or get cancer in a couple of years don't blame me - you have been warned! I used a well ventilated area and desposible equipment.

Lay the circuit board on a layer of oil. :eek:
Put in oven at 200F to 250F (watch very closely!!!!).
Quickly remove when solder is liquid.
Flip board over onto some cardboard to remove components and absorb oil.
Posted on 2003-03-12 23:31:31 by bitRAKE
And your chips still work after 'baking' them? I know they are tollerant up to and above 100 deg, but 200->250 for more than a minute sounds dangerous.

As well, dont expect to reuse any electrolitic capasitors...

Posted on 2003-03-13 01:12:18 by NaN
NaN, yes they worked. :) I don't think the oil gets very hot and I did watch it closely to remove it from the oven quickly.
Posted on 2003-03-13 08:06:15 by bitRAKE