I hate VB and databases!

I'm applying for a job, and they told me to make an installation to one VB program, that uses an Excel sheet for the labels of an MS Grid control. In the VB program I got there 18 "Data" objects (with arrows -[< < > >]- , Visible:False), and they made the error "Cannot find installable ISAMs". I searched thoroughly the whole source code, and did not find any references to these 18 objects, and as they were problematic, I deleted them, and the program did not start with nagging messages. I made an InstallShield Setup.exe, and a package program of mine (see "cool hover controls" topic.) . The company deleted their "Data" objects, too, and they liked it until we found that these Data objects are referenced by the MS Grid (blah), and with a lot of trouble I returned the objects ("Objects count limit exceeded!").
I tried VB.ini and <APP>.ini, but they did nothing. It now says "The databinding DLL, VB5DB.dll could not be loaded". So, my question is: if I provide this DLL, after that, will the program work on a PC that does not have VB?

Additional info: VB6. Data control database "Use Jet", "Excel 5.0". The program works perfectly on a machine with VB and Excel installed, but when run on a clean PC, it says "The databinding DLL, VB5DB.dll..."
Please help,
Thank you in advance
Posted on 2003-03-13 12:04:19 by Ultrano
you obviously have not installed certain components.

does the clean PC have MDAC installed? http://www.microsoft.com/data
Posted on 2003-03-13 12:12:02 by Hiroshimator
oh and you know that VB makes its own rudimentary install program no?
Posted on 2003-03-13 12:15:02 by Hiroshimator
:) I fixed it maybe. I am not sure whether the vb5db.dll is necessary, too, so I'll cram it in, just as the <App>.ini' lines and the Isam "Excel 5.0=c:\zombie\system\msxl3032.dll" . I hope it works alright now. At least I've got my spirit back. Uhm, Hiro, you're a little late :), but thanks a lot- it's really solving the problem. What's bugging me is that I had downloaded msxl3032.dll before I deleted the Data objects, and had put an <App.ini> there, and it didn't work. I guess I'll dive into the new files I got on the C:\ to see whether I'm not missing some files.
They said explicitly "do not use VB's install!"
Posted on 2003-03-13 13:22:07 by Ultrano
The outcome: they loved it, and it worked :) . So, I think it's interesting how I solved everything. I searched on the web and on my HDD dependencies of such projects, bug fixes of similar programs, and I crammed 24 files in a dir. The program.exe, program.ini, program.dat and 21 ActiveX DLLs!! The installation from 2MB became 7MB. I crammed my PC with full install of VB, and then with WinDasm I loaded the program, and viewed its dependencies. So, if you do ever have such a problem, it's not the VB team or all VB programmers' experience. It's raw data and ASM that always tells the truth. So, I crammed these 24 files, upgraded my install program (the one that I created and mentioned in "cool hover controls") to add desktop and program group shortcuts, and several minor things. Went there, and ran the proggie with almost closed from fear to fail eyes. The program was running even better than on my PC. The supervisor, that tends to find errors immediately, found that I had forgotten to put the help file, and before she could say "well", I ran the setup packer and created a new setup.exe . Everybody happy. Now I've got to create a VB prog that replaces Access in managing a database... a nightmare sequence again...
Posted on 2003-03-14 10:01:49 by Ultrano
yet another 'test' before you get hired

normally I'd add :rolleyes: but I hope you get the job you're aiming for. Just be careful that they don't abuse you. Don't release source and don't give non-crippled apps. Well that's my 0.02 ? :|
Posted on 2003-03-14 10:15:06 by Hiroshimator