Is there a way to use another name for this export? I want a temp replacement for it over a library's export I'm using.

Posted on 2003-03-13 18:35:17 by Ernie
Do you mean entry point dll proc?
I never call it DllMain.
It can have any name, just if it's entry point it should be stdcall and have 3 dword params. That's all. Call it any name, if you want export it (entry point function), just include its name in export def file. That's all.
Posted on 2003-03-13 18:50:50 by The Svin
And I do never export it. In MASM I just add

LibMain proc hInstDLL:DWORD, reason:DWORD, unused:DWORD
push hInstDLL
pop hinst ; in order to store the ihinst of this DLL, not the hinst of the .exe
return TRUE
LibMain Endp

I've never had conflicts with this. If you like , you can

L337_11br4r1_574r7 textequ <LibMain>

Posted on 2003-03-13 21:15:03 by Ultrano
Thanks..... so if I'd only remembered to check Icz's tuts first...
Posted on 2003-03-14 11:14:21 by Ernie