I have just added some extra functionality to the scripting in QE.

"selectall" selects all text in the editor. This is to make small wizards easier to code when you need to use global replacement.

I have also added some assembler style commands to do comparison and conditional jumps.

"cmp" will compare either variables, numbers or one of each and set the ZERO flag if the 2 items are the same.

"inc dec add & sub" set the zero flag if the result = 0

The conditional jumps are "jz" "jnz" with the complimentary pair of identical functionality "je" "jne" for clear coding with the "cmp" instruction.

I have been testing it for some time and it seems to be reliable but I would appreciate any assistance here in testing to make sure it performs as it should.

I have updated the QE help file with the new technical data.

To install the files, just overwrite the existing ones in MASM32 with the qeditor.exe and qeditor.hlp files.


Posted on 2003-03-15 21:19:49 by hutch--