The code in the Thread "SetDlgItemInt" fails,
Maybe it's the constant definition,
the "IDC_EDIT_2", but isn't that defined as
GLOBAL to all functions :confused:
Posted on 2003-03-16 06:02:39 by The SharK
its 'cause U use hwnd var but U didn't set it in any way! so it's simply zero!
just add
Push hWnd

Pop hwnd

into your WM_INITDIALOG handling func and it will work ;) :alright:
Posted on 2003-03-16 14:55:44 by NEMO
Thanks NEMO that worked:alright:
I think I have fooled around with exactly this

Now I gotta take care of the FLICKERING stuff:)
Posted on 2003-03-16 15:11:37 by The SharK
i don't know how you, but i've got a GPF when count downing is finished.
Posted on 2003-03-16 15:21:29 by NEMO

On Win2K there is no "General Protection Faults",
it works just fine ;)
Posted on 2003-03-16 15:47:07 by The SharK
i'm using win98
Posted on 2003-03-16 15:59:49 by NEMO
found it!;)
all ya have to di is add "ret" at the very end of ThreadProc :alright:
Posted on 2003-03-16 16:15:55 by NEMO