I am new to this group and I would like to receive some help. I started to create a full win32asm application in NASM and alink. I have nagoa from WWW.VISUAL-ASSEMBLER.PT.VU .
I just use the software for including files ?nagoa.inc? and nagoa.obj for linking. As a template I used the window.asm from snippets . All I wanted to create a ?EDIT? child window on the main window.
So I did the following in a file called dylog.asm.

%include 'nagoa.inc'

proc m_child,classname,x,y,wi,hi,parent,menu,buff ;proc and endproc from nagoa.inc
call CreateWindowEx , 9, ,NULL, (WS_VISIBLE) | (WS_CHILD) | (ES_MULTILINE) | (ES_LEFT),,,,,,,0,
test eax,0
jz err


xor eax,eax
ret 16

Now in the main file window.asm (which comes as a snippets)

invoke m_child,'EDIT',10,10,20,20,WindowHandle,NULL,NULL

At the time of linking

Alink ?oPE window.obj nagoa.obj

the message was

ALINK v1.6 (C) Copyright 1998-9 Anthony A.J. Williams.
All Rights Reserved

Loading file window.obj
Loading file nagoa.obj
matched Externs
matched ComDefs
Generating PE file window.exe
Relocs 0:Warning 32 bit offset in 16 bit field

The line ?Relocs 0:Warning 32 bit offset in 16 bit field? is where the mistake is and as soon as the window displays the EDIT is not getting displayed and exits with a illigial operation message. I did the same with VC++ and it was working. In case any more information I am ready to sent.


Posted on 2003-03-16 06:55:31 by sathyashrayan