I got this compression utility called uharc, high compression multimedia archiver, by Uwe Herklotz.
I never heard of it before, the package I got is like a small package, readme file reports it's a beta version 0.4,
and the executable is a console application. I found it by accident on file-share.

For me, it does better compression than winRar when I compare, I thought rar was the best!!
Does uharc got the best compression alghorithm in the world?
If so, why isn't it more famous??
Posted on 2003-03-17 21:04:18 by david
The best I know is 7-Zip : www.7-zip.com

Is it better than uharc ?
Posted on 2003-03-18 00:52:44 by JCP

How is it possible to obtain the uharc utility?


Posted on 2003-03-18 04:10:37 by Vortex