A while ago and a few threads ago someone on the board posted a request for some way to make a bitmap fade away.

In other words the bitmap fades on the screen at a desired rate.

a visual effect is what i think they were looking for

Well i have been thinking about that and i thought of a possible solution only in theory.

Say the bitmap is 100 * 100

The first step is to set the center of the bitmap to zero.

In other words:

invoke SetPixel,hdc,50,50,0

Now the coordinates of the center pixel become important parameters because they are now the origin of four rectangles.

The next step is too set the center of the four rectangles to zero

The four center points would have the X values 25,75,25,75
The four center points would have the Y values 25,75,25,75

Anyone can see that the above two arrays are equal.

This got me thinking that a simple algo might be able to do the job.

Thoughts anyone?
Posted on 2001-09-19 20:37:30 by titan