Posted on 2003-03-18 07:32:33 by drhowarddrfine
what else are we supposed to do after we finish wackin off in front of the computer? j/k :grin:
Posted on 2003-03-18 10:30:14 by BubbaFate
Interesting. But I tend to agree with the article. hehe... we have more sense to code something useful than something destructive. :grin:
Posted on 2003-03-18 10:58:21 by roticv
So the patch is easy:

The society would assign a girl to every potential virus writer (obsessed male) in the world and the problem will be solved.

Where can I ask mine?
Posted on 2003-03-18 11:06:26 by pelaillo
Well, as awkard and impossible it might look to you...

I Have NEVER EVER written a virus in my whole life... actually i have ALWYAS written only constructive applications :)

However i have written or participated in developement of applications that are supposed to protect data against hackers/rogues... and in doing so... well the line is very thin.

As a consequence IF there is there is a girl offer somewhere in there ...
Then i want my part of it ... 10x packs if possible :P
Posted on 2003-03-18 11:32:35 by BogdanOntanu
my first 2 months of having a PC were spent in making virii, with which I learned programming. But after that I no longer created any bad code (except for a program that did not process WM_PAINT correctly and did not validate the window, and Win ran out of resources). I think they're a good start, but nothing more.
Btw, "the chief executive of British-based Sophos Plc", Jan Hruska . :) :) in Bulgarian his name means "Jan eats with crunching sound" , said with joy. It's funny to me at least.
Posted on 2003-03-18 14:25:17 by Ultrano
The only destructive thing I wrote was a program by mistake, what it did was disabled interrupts and locked the CPU in an infinite loop. It seemed to have no problem crashing Win9x but Nt kernels could crush it easily. Anyway it froze the machine and just made it stop in its tracks it was by mistake though. Anyway my friend used it on one of her friends to test it and it worked LOL!!! I was laughing!!
Posted on 2003-03-18 16:36:51 by x86asm
I could write a virus if I wanted to, but I just can't think of a reason why I'd want to :)

About the worst thing I ever did was code a little trojan to have some fun with school library computers (for students) (open internet explorer windows, spit out CD's, that kind of thing). Now of course they all have some kind of LAN harddisk restore PCI card, so I can't do that anymore. People were catching on to me anyway, and it was getting kinda old.

Oh, and a little app to hide DivX movies we put on the NTFS server :)
Posted on 2003-03-19 07:37:34 by Qweerdy
hehe me and my friends used to say we should make the half-life virus for our old school: a 600mb virus that infects each machine with half-life so we can play when we're bored :grin:
Posted on 2003-03-19 11:44:58 by Miko
Maybe just launch a computer geek dating service that lines up boys and girls of common interest and you have the most effective AV product around.

Spike both of them with something appropriate and they would end up to exhausted to write viruses. :tongue:

Posted on 2003-03-20 03:32:23 by hutch--

.. aged for 14..34 and no girlfriend

Interesting, that way I'll only have 3 years left ;)

Fortunately some guys here are therefore not under
suspicion :grin: even if there is no proof for the existance
of their girlfriends.

Posted on 2003-03-20 04:30:51 by miracle
Hi all
I?d never writed a vius, bur once I wrote a prg (in asm ofcourse) to read the MBR of my HD, by mistake I write the buffer, (all 0 in it) to the MBR, kiling my HD, Did it makes me qualify, for a Girlfriend?
(also I?m 43, but this is an INTEL board) :grin:
Posted on 2003-03-23 12:28:21 by Carlos
at least the article is honest - Computer Virus Writers Posted on 2003-03-23 12:58:21 by arkane