there was no macros that could do
the same aproach of masm or fasm using nasm , the best we found was
using locals and arguments with the
point thin [.hwnd] etc..

funct Name , hwnd,uMsg,wParm,lParam

mov [.hwnd],eax


know i found the so lution :))

and my macro is steel in working stage
but is like this !!

;; versao 18 mar?o 2003 for NASM

rotin Funcion,arg1,..,argN

local_ var1,4,msg,MSG_size

mov ,eax
lea eax,
mov eax,


; dword = 4 ;)

get it here the five izcelion example
with this macro
Posted on 2003-03-18 18:02:05 by Nguga