here is the problem.

i have made a connection to port 80 on a website & letting windows select any port to make the connection

now i want to know which port is opened in my machine ..

how can i do this ???

I want a direct solution . i have think in making it by calling GetTcpTable() and scanning the output.

but i think there is much direct way.

thanks in advance.
Posted on 2003-03-18 21:37:25 by Sa6ry
Look into the getsockname API Call
Posted on 2003-03-24 03:51:36 by IRBMe
if you have made the connection then you
must of known the port that you wanted to connect to
on the other hand if you want to know what port windows gave you then
you can check in lParam for that port number just after you made a correct

Hope that helps.
Posted on 2003-04-09 23:01:02 by asmboy