I found a moment today to pack up the OOP tools to help you along your journey...

OOP Maker v1.5 --> Create an empty OOP frame to start with. (Does inheritance if you want it by specifying the class name to inherit ~ BUT you must manually include the path to where the inherited file can be found).. See Thomas' Inheritance example..

It also generates a basic HTML documentation template. You must manually input the info on each method/class if you wish to use this.

OOP2HTML --> Parses the above file for its documentation info, and makes an HTML file by the same name in the same directory. Its a drag and drog window, so drag the .asm file into it.. and all is done. ( Only 1 file at a time ).

PS: Thomas, This is a new version of the creator, you dont have yet (i fixed the bugs).

Posted on 2001-09-20 19:28:35 by NaN
I found a boo boo in the OOP Creator v1.5 (Fairly serious one), so i fix this bug and are now got v1.6 :)

Get It HERE as its over 30Kb... (damn graphics :) )

Posted on 2001-09-25 01:36:53 by NaN