How about more text colors? I love editors like yours because of the differant text colors, I can skim through code quickly and find something.

It would be great if I can make the debug stuff i.e. PrintString, PrintLine, PrintDec a certain color.
Or if I use certain API's a lot, I can add them to the color list for that project (or globaly) with a certain color.

Far fetched for this masterpiece in its infancy.... but differant colors for a variable type? (globaly or project wise),
certain colors for dwords, bytes, Filetime etc?

Posted on 2003-03-20 20:34:18 by Gunner
Hi Gunner

RadASM supports 10 keyword groups, each group with it's own color / font style.
Adding more groups is simply too much work. You can however rearange the groups and add / move / delete keywords to suit your needs.

Posted on 2003-03-21 05:43:11 by KetilO