any someone have source like icz tutorial, so i want to learn.
i am not understand about ddraw, opengl. tell me more
Posted on 2003-03-20 21:55:41 by irwan
For OpenGL see NeHe's site.

And a please won't have looked out of place in your post ;)
Posted on 2003-03-21 05:20:56 by Eóin
Bagong aing rieut, sareukseuk lah, tutorial na mana iyeu teh?
Monyet lah kabehanana.:grin:

Yang ngerti Diem....,:alright:

My dearest friend, to be honest I need a Template. Where is that?
You're genious. :grin:

Great Job Pal.:alright:
Posted on 2003-04-15 03:07:18 by realvampire
well, i am NO expert on graphic programming, but i do know that masm32 by microsoft has a source code example located at --C:\masm32\EXAMPLE8\OPENGL-- if you install it to the default directory, maby that will help:alright:
Posted on 2003-04-24 16:51:27 by jakor