I've got some problem when I send the icmp packet and with my sniffer I know that packet was sent to the host (I know that this host is ON) but I don't receive any answer... but when I set paket's length to be a little big, I see (on sniffer) that mine PC is sending few ECHO_REPLYs to the host that i send ECHO_REPLY
here is a source of my sending proc

Mov sin_out.sin_family, AF_INET
Push IPAddr
Pop sin_out.sin_addr
Mov icmphdr_out.icmp_type, ICMP_ECHOREQ
Mov icmphdr_out.icmp_code, 0
Invoke htons, ID
Mov icmphdr_out.icmp_id, Ax
Invoke htons, SEQ
Mov icmphdr_out.icmp_seq, Ax
Mov icmphdr_out.icmp_cksum, 0
Invoke StrLen, ADDR ICMPSendBuff
Mov ICMPSendBuffLen, Eax
Invoke icmp_checksum, ADDR icmphdr_out, ADDR ICMPSendBuff, Eax
Mov icmphdr_out.icmp_cksum, Ax
Mov Eax, ICMPSendBuffLen
Add Eax, 9
Invoke sendto, hsocket, ADDR icmphdr_out, Eax,\
0, ADDR sin_out, SIZEOF sin_out

I don't know why it doesn't work... maybe I'm too stupid...

Posted on 2001-09-21 06:16:43 by NEMO
C'mon Guys! Someone has to know the answer or just some info...
Maybe i have to post a source code of my prog or something...
And for any help that can point me how to send ping->ECHO_REQUEST properly i'll be VERY glad!

Thanx, and pleas post something:alright:
Posted on 2001-10-08 11:35:31 by NEMO