Hey guys,

I have an online user guide for my app. Can someone give me an idea of how to add a hyperlink. I want to put in in my help box.

Posted on 2003-03-22 04:17:02 by Homer
Hi Homer,

A HyperLink is an embedded COM object. In XP the functionality was added to the api using the SysLink control and that makes life easier. To use it you must include a version 6 manifest in your application and this is afaik a Unicode only command. I have never used a programmatic hyperlink in an asm program so I can't comment on how difficult it would be to embed one but I suspect it would not be easy based on my experience with COM.
Posted on 2003-03-22 04:42:14 by donkey
when the cursor goes over a certain area change it into the little 'hand', when it goes away change it back to normal.
when people click your hyperlink region do a shellexecute with the url.

that should be about it.

Iczelion also has an example http://win32asm.cjb.net
Posted on 2003-03-22 05:17:13 by Hiroshimator
eek.. thanks for the warning

I'm hoping drag and drop isn't so hard.:(
Posted on 2003-03-22 05:31:33 by Homer
Use Hiro's method for hyperlinks it should be simple, as I said I have never needed it so I never really thought too much about a workaround. The idea of a line of text and ShellExecute would work fine and is easy to implement. Drag and drop is very easy to do also, you shouldn't have that many problems.
Posted on 2003-03-22 05:34:56 by donkey
that's an interesting idea Hiro, nice thinking!

Is it in a Win32 Assembly tut? I searched the page for 'hyperlink' no luck... can't find anything that looks like what I want(not sure what I'm looking for here).

I guess I need to know what handles the mouse position...?
Posted on 2003-03-22 05:39:11 by Homer
you can also cheat by including an IE page with the link on it ;)

either use japhet's examples (look on his homepage as well) or use this dll http://www.codeguru.com/ieprogram/cwebpage.html

for the hyperlink on icz' site



everything on the screen is just an image anyway, the only thing that changes is how your visual and audio elements interact.
All this thinking in 'controls' and classes' tends to pollute and constrict ones' mind sometimes ;)
Posted on 2003-03-22 05:59:48 by Hiroshimator
Exactly what I'm looking for =]

Thanks Hiro

You know what.... alll it reallly comes down to is just one line of code or two...
just a little invoke ShellExecute

i need to start thinking outside the box
Posted on 2003-03-22 06:41:40 by Homer