i have this program (Abouttime) that synchronizes my clock to the official time and since i have a full-time internet connection through my LAN, i want this program to start once my computer is up (so that the timestamp for my logs for my internet server are accurate =) ). i also don't have source for the program. But i do recall the existence of a program, which i think was built into Windows (services.exe?), that allows regular programs to execute as a service. i did a search on Google, Altavista, and Win32Asm, but turned up nothing. i'm probably just using the wrong search terms. Help anyone? Thanks :) i'm off to reboot since "services.exe /?" is hogging all my CPU time, and i can't stop it!
Posted on 2003-03-22 11:24:06 by jademtech
services.exe is otherwise known as the Service Control Manager (SCM). No, you cannot run regular apps as services, services are kinda similar to drivers (keeping this simple). Your best option is probably to set up a scheduled task to run Abouttime every x hours/days.
Posted on 2003-03-22 18:51:19 by sluggy
aha... found it :) for future reference,


the program is part of the NT reskit and is called srvany.
Posted on 2003-03-22 22:58:47 by jademtech