Hi there,
Currently developing an audio mixer and need to know how to change the selected input source?

Searched all over the web for possible clues how to do it but came up with no solutions. :(

In recording applications it's sometimes required whenever the input source selected needs changed, such as when you wish to record from mic 1 time, but then directly from CD the next, in order to do that the selected input source must be able to be changed.

Here's an example of a selection of input source in the normal Windows Volume Control:

Is there a function that can do it?

Posted on 2003-03-23 17:04:56 by Knight Chat X
Not sure but I think you use waveInOpen to get a handle to your wave audio-in source. Then use mixerOpen and specify the handle and MIXER_OBJECTF_HWAVEIN.
Posted on 2003-03-23 17:31:15 by donkey