hi all, wanna to ask about the subject, especially when you deal with pcb with lots of chip and there's no any burned sign ic's or otherelse.
i met 2 of them lately that have shorted out between +5 and gnd. oh, god... if i could see the path where the current flows . i cant imagine that i have to pull out the chip one by one to check it... yes, i know that sounds really stupid.

uhm... can i just supply it with a 'enough' current and just burn that path and the faulty chip , not the other chip? i ask my friend that i cant do that, because it must be destroy the other too, although other chip is not in the path. anyone know whether this right or wrong? i think it wont be happen according to ohm law / whatever law that said if there's a lower ohm path in a network, then current will flow through that path, not the other. or maybe i'm missed something.

i cant do anything to these board right now, because the power supply is so powerful that it would burn the chip out of its cage any hint or trick would be appreciated :D

Posted on 2003-03-24 05:11:34 by dion