I have a static control inside res file.
the static control has a WS_VSCROLL style but it doesnt move.
my static control holds text larger than the static control height.
how can I do a vertical scroll on the static control.
Posted on 2003-03-25 19:42:54 by Jnrz
Try this one.
Use it after a new text is displayed/added.

invoke SendDlgItemMessage,hwndDlg,EditID,EM_GETLINECOUNT,NULL,NULL
invoke SendDlgItemMessage,hwndDlg,EditID,EM_LINESCROLL,NULL,eax

First get the maximum lines, which are in the EditBox ...
and then send the EM_LINESCROLL Message (see Programmer's Reference)
Posted on 2003-03-27 12:41:17 by ChigpA