How does this feature work. All I know is that it backs up my files periodically. I would like to find if there is a menu item or button I can click to backup my project
Posted on 2003-03-25 21:50:17 by Odyssey
Hi Odyssey

Before RadASM saves a changed file it makes a backup of the old file.
Save All is the button you are looking for.

For complete backups, use explorer.

Posted on 2003-03-26 08:40:12 by KetilO
You are right ketilo. The reason I asked was because the first time I looked at the backup files of a project none of the sources that were backed up were the same size as the main file. This is probably because I hadn't saved the file as yet.
Posted on 2003-03-26 11:34:13 by Odyssey