Try sending a CTRL-V keystroke?
Posted on 2003-03-29 20:03:31 by iblis
how so iblis?
Posted on 2003-03-29 20:41:11 by abc123
You can use the SendInput function
Posted on 2003-03-29 20:49:16 by donkey
i suppose thats an API function? i couldn't find any reference to it in win32.hlp ...
Posted on 2003-03-29 21:09:17 by abc123
oh well, fyi i fixed the problem with keybd_event, aparently because i registered the hotkey "CRTL+E" when i sent "VK_A" in the hotkey event "CRTL" was still active so i just needed to release it and send the chars as normal.

thanks for all your help.
Posted on 2003-03-29 21:22:06 by abc123
SendInput requires Win98 so I doubt that it is mentioned in the Win32.hlp file. I think in essence it does what you are trying to do using other methods.

SendInput Function MSDN
Posted on 2003-03-29 21:27:57 by donkey