Have any of you tried when finding a bug in your program:
.......you're probably up late at night, and you think
"syntax error", damn what is wrong with this code....
after quite a while, or the next day you end up FINDING
THE DAMN BUG, and the error: the little word before
the name of the API "INVOKE" where missing :stupid:
really embarrassing....

ohh, btw. you think I made such a mistake......
well, the story was about someone I once knew...
I swear...
Posted on 2003-03-28 16:34:21 by The SharK
Nope, never had that particular problem.

My main issue after extended late nite coding is usually mis-spelling variable names, as MASM is case sensitive. This can make for nasty hard to find bugs if you have a local and global named the same, just with different casing.
Posted on 2003-03-29 07:19:35 by sluggy

if you have a local and global named the same, just with different casing.

Now you'd think you'd learn not to do that then, real fast ;)

Posted on 2003-03-29 07:58:18 by Fake51
Oh, I had the problem of forgetting to write "invoke" a couple of times, but I immediately find it, cause I open the sourcecode with QEditor, go to the specified line, and see what's wrong. In fact, I use QEditor just for its line numbering, to see where's the erroneous line :)
Both times happened, when I copy/paste from MSDN a new to me function name.
Posted on 2003-03-30 04:24:46 by Ultrano
Ultrano - In notepad, hit CTRL+G :alright:
Posted on 2003-03-30 12:58:53 by jademtech
huh. :confused:
nothing happened

But I tried Ctl+ the following:

J - <Return>, as well as most keys do this
H - <backspace>
I - <TAB>

damn, I deleted notepad.chm, and I can't get the shortcuts easily.

what does G do? Finds a G-Spot :grin: ?
Posted on 2003-03-30 14:16:18 by Ultrano
Go to line
Useful when coding with notepad. Btw I do not think the shortcut is there for win98.
Posted on 2003-03-30 21:36:47 by roticv
what does G do? Finds a G-Spot ?
What? You care enough to look?? :grin:
Posted on 2003-03-30 21:44:15 by sluggy