Hi All,

I think this may be a bug in v1.45?

When I try:


I get error: invalid size of operand.


IDT_Size dw IDT_End-IDT-1
IDT_Offset dd 0

Thinking because of the type checking, it's failing, but I have also tried using the size override without success...
To get around this I'm doing:

mov eax, IDT_Size

But lgdt works fine?

GDT_Size rw 1
GDT_Offset rd 1

So any thoughts?

Posted on 2003-03-30 00:00:08 by Chewy509
Use lidt pword or put the label IDT pword in the line before IDT_Size definition and use lidt .
Posted on 2003-03-31 03:34:27 by Tomasz Grysztar