does anyone has any linux asm tuts
Posted on 2003-03-30 01:11:34 by b0z0
Posted on 2003-03-30 03:45:04 by Hiroshimator
The link above gives a started, if you know GAS and nasm.
Take a look at Privalov's site, he's upploaded bazik's excelent GTK example apps, take alook at www.gtk.org; They have tut's in C(++), I have considered to learn GTK programming in C/C++ before tranlsating it to asm (since I _might_ be doing 64-bit assembly (either on a Opteron (<-server CPU, but will do nice if pricing is right :)) or Athlon64 (afaik won't be out until 2nd half of the year)) later this year, and then Linux will the OS of choice for Long mode, never never ever XP on my computer!)
Posted on 2003-03-30 04:21:12 by scientica