Hello good people
I was programming in asm under dos for about 10months and learned a lot of stuff and that was very pleasent and interesting expirience so i decided to move on win32 asm
i read first 3 lesson of icezilion tutorial, really nice explained a lot of stuff but still some hole that need to fill up
ok anyway in 3rd lession i was making simple window and found that it was very hard to write all that code and it was pretty boring and paintfull becouse most of time i spent on writing all that code (filling structures etc...) and watch to not mistake in typing, than to think how to do somthing, which was the primary thing to do in dos asm (thinking about program and less thinking about typing)

so my question is how is GUI made in win32 asm, is there any useful tool to draw user interface (buttons, windows, radioboxes etc...) like in VB or Delphi or win32 asm programmers are judged to make GUI with text editor which is really pain in the ass

Posted on 2001-09-23 18:32:12 by Mikky
What you need is a resource editor. There is a good one included
in the lcc-win32 package (lccwin32.cjb.net). The best one I've seen
yet is the one in m$ visual studio, but that one of course isn't free.
Posted on 2001-09-23 19:32:50 by f0dder
Symantec ResourceStudio is stand-alone, but I think it's an old product, at least 5 years old... (came with Symantec C++: anyone ever used it???)

I use it, and it work pretty well... but I'm a beginner myself with the Win32 API and MASM32: maybe this editor has major missing feature that I don't need right now :confused:
Posted on 2001-09-23 21:00:00 by dotCODE
What i have been faithfully using... I will admit its not the best.. (has it little quirks), but it does everything i ever wanted. I found my copy from Hutch's home page: http://www.pbq.com.au/home/hutch/

You can directly like to the resorce editor here

Hope this helps...

PS: Fodder, nice web site... didnt realize you had one :)

Posted on 2001-09-24 01:16:15 by NaN